General recommendations

All outdoor activities requires certain guidelines to optimize the outing or ride experience such as the use of comfortable clothes, be aware that the weather can change very quickly, so bring warm jacket and raincoat, gloves and hat and good trekking shoes, sunscreen, take enough food for the day , a small water bottle because it can be recharged in watercourses along the park,a watch to calculate times, use latrines, do not camp outside permitted areas, return with all your garbage, do not contaminate water, do not light a fire: it is forbidden, do not walk off trails, do not feed thewildlife, take care of nature, it belongs to all.

Tourism and Economic Developmnet Administration:
Telephone: +54 2962 493370 (from another country+54 2962 493370)
Address: Bus Station – El Chaltén – Provincia de Santa Cruz