Turismo Chaltén

Sport Fishing

El Chalten has a full range  of dreamed places for fisherman, inmense lakes, rivers and pools  provide a truly optimal environment for the practice of this activity.Seasonal weather changes during  spring and summer cause increased river flow and with it the conditions to spawn upstream for the  different species.The combination of beautiful mountain scenery, easy access to fishing spots, tourist infrastructure prepared for the visitor, and the abundance of fish give excellent levels of  satisfaction to visitor  wishing to perform this activity.
Different fishing spot in the area:

Lago del Desierto.
Daily catch limit is one piece per angler (trout) and two pieces of Chinook.

Rio Diablo. Mountain river ending in northern área of   Lago del Desierto, access only with a guide.

Rio de las Vueltas. The birth of this river is at Lago del Desierto,  runs winding 70 km. along the valley  before emptying into the Lake Viedma. From the start to  the confluence with the Rio Toro catch & release is  mandatory, from Rio Toro  to Lake Viedma, the daily limit is one piece per fisherman.

Laguna Condor. It is located 20 km. North from  the town of El Chalten, formed by a widening of the Rio de las Vueltas, the daily limit is two fish per angler.

Lago Viedma. In this glacial lake we can find rainbow trout, brown trout, lake trout, smallmouth perca.

Recommendations: Sport Fishing only with official license, respecting rules and arts.

NOTE There are invasive species that modify ecosystems negatively and can reduce or displace resident species, it’s spread can be both natural (which is far from our control) and through contaminated fishing equipment that may be infected by using them in places that present these species already. It is therefore essential the use of clean desinfected equipment while fishing in ower waters

Remember to bring back your garbage. Follow the trails. Pets are Forbidden in the área . It is NOT ALLOWED TO LIT FIRE.